The Old Doctor's House, as the locals refer to it, was built in 1920.  The local physician built the house with his business and family in mind.

When patients and friends entered through the front door, they waited at the bottom of the staircase, keeping themselves warm by the wood stove.  When the doctor was ready to see them, they entered the doctor's office, which took up the entire right lower side of the house.  The family enjoyed the remainder of the downstairs, which was a formal dining room and kitchen.  Upstairs was where they lived in privacy.  The second floor hosted three bedrooms that shared a bathroom, and a master suite with its own bathroom.  One lucky room has it's own deck looking over the lush green yard.

The house pretty much remained this way for fifty plus years, until the doctor closed his practice and retired, leaving the old house welcome a new owner and new beginning.

In 1989 a headstrong Floridian, rolled into town with a plan no more complicated than finding a place to escape the Florida heat.  Barbara Rodocker found the house after a real estate deal in a neighboring town fell through. Some might say that her misfortune was a lucky break, but we all know the truth.  She was meant to have it.  The five bedroom house fit her family perfectly.  She had three daughters and a son, who filled those rooms whenever they could all get away for vacation.  The house--mostly unrenovated--was filled with people, games, laughter, and an occasional disagreement--usually about cheating at cards--during one of the many family reunions that attracted family from different parts of the country.  The precious memories created in this retreat remain some of it's most valuable assets.

Then in 2014, tragedy struck.  A neighbor called Barbara's daughter at work, asking to speak with Barbara immediately.  Barbara was sick with cancer and wasn't working as much as she used to, so her daughter got the news--there was a fire.  The house was burnt out and completely uninhabitable.  But like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the Old Doctors House came to life once again!

By 2016, the house was completely rebuilt from the outside, in.  Unfortunately, Barbara never made it back to see the spectacularly restored result.  She was able to pass on her legacy to those same four children who visited as the grew, married, and have children (even grandchildren) of their own now. All that remains are the exterior walls, so everything--I mean EVERYTHING in the house is new.  The exterior walls, foundation, and (most of) the roof are original, but everything else is up to modern code.  As you approach the house, you see the architecture and style of years gone by, but as you cross the threshold, everything is new and modern--with touches of the original house scattered around.  The upstairs wooden floors were restored to their original look, you'll see a chimney as a design piece that separates the dining room from the kitchen, and the front door is original.  Almost everything else is new. 

The house is more than a house.  It's a home.  If you allow yourself to listen carefully, you can hear the old doctor advising his patients.  You can hear the pitter patter of feet running across the wood floors.  You can hear the laughter of family as they told stories, gossiped, ate, and drank around the card table.  You can smell the pies.  You can feel the love.

We hope you enjoy this special place as much as we do.  Welcome home.  You're family now....